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Is virtualization right for your business?

What is Virtualization?

Server Virtualization is the process of dividing a physical server into multiple unique virtual servers. Each virtual server can then run its own operating systems so you can get more done with less hardware.

Virtualization is being adopted more and more by small businesses due to faster ROI and the long-term costs saved. As an example, let’s say your company needs a new server to handle a new business application. Instead of purchasing new hardware and having a physical server added to your network, a software-based virtual server can be installed on the same hardware that other virtual servers are housed on. Hardware and resource allocation control how much processing power and hard drive space each server has access to. The end result is a single server hosting multiple servers that behave like separate pieces of equipment.


What are the benefits of Server Virtualization?

Server Virtualization is a cost-effective and efficient way to utilize available resources in IT infrastructure. If one physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, you have less hardware to purchase, manage, and maintain.

The cost of a single server powerful enough to handle multiple virtual servers is not as expensive as you may think. Two individual servers are more times than not drastically more expensive than one virtualized server. Additionally, if you’re able to maintain everything on one server, you’re not only saving on physical space, but also power consumption. This means you can get more work done with the same amount of hardware with a reduced energy footprint.

What does it take to get my company’s servers virtualized?

Contact us at (704) 867-5555 for evaluation and planning. Some applications may not support server virtualization or may need special licenses to work in a virtual environment. Some server hardware may not be powerful enough to be re-purposed into a virtual server. However, our engineers can organize a detailed project plan to cost-effectively consolidate your servers.

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