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Wireless Solutions

Keep your wireless devices connected without fail

Cloud Managed Wireless Solutions

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Championship Networks sells and installs wireless solutions from Extreme Networks and Cisco Meraki to deliver the most comprehensive, reliable, and diverse wireless solution available today. We provide free wireless assessments to all potential customers. Our wireless assessments are performed by a certified technician, and each survey comes with a wireless heat map, deployment locations, and a comprehensive report.

Why Cloud Managed Wireless?

Seamless wireless connectivity throughout an organization is more important than ever with the growing need to have internet access anywhere and everywhere. Many businesses are now using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones rather than a standard desktop with hardwired internet access to perform regular operations. Having mobility in your business environment is essential to maintaining work efficiency; However, when these mobile devices lose connectivity due to a spotty wireless connections, operational processes and productivity are interrupted.

Championship Networks offers Cloud Managed Wireless solutions that will optimize network connectivity, maximize business uptime, and secure your network. Rather than traditional wireless access points for business, cloud technology offers versatility and management in your network.

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Benefits of Cloud Managed Wireless

Simplified Network Management

Cloud Managed Wireless offers a single point of management for installation, configuration, network management, and diagnosis. A central wireless access point management dashboard makes it easy to identify and resolve issues when they occur as well as give businesses greater control over its networks.

Cost Efficiency

With Cloud Managed Access Points, businesses are not required to invest in the labor and hardware associated with running data cables and setting up workstations. This gives businesses greater control over expenses and reduces capital expenditure as well as workspace flexibility. Business also won’t need to spend as much on maintenance for on-premise solutions. This means small and medium businesses can save more money in the short and long-run without compromising network connectivity.

Scalability and Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of cloud architecture is the scalability it offers its users. Cloud Managed Access Points make it easier for entrepreneurs to grow their networks as they grow their business. Installing and configuring additional access points to your network takes little hassle and little time. In addition, a central wireless access point management dashboard allows you to make changes to your network as needed.

Enhanced Security

Cloud Based Wireless Access Points are equipped with sophisticated security frameworks to ensure minimal business vulnerability. Wireless access points are automatically updated with the latest firmware and security patches, making your business more secure than the ones using on-premise solutions and conventional wireless access points.

Is your wireless network giving you a headache?

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